Gob smacking use of textures in web design!

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The use of textures on a web site can add a great deal of character to a design. As the trend of web design changes in 2011 we see an alteration to a more subtle use of textures. When these methods are used properly on a page it can make a huge impact to the whole look and feel as well as adding a sense of realism to the design. Below I have gathered a few awesome examples of web sites that use textures effectively.

This site is cool, it has a lovely use of colours blended with the background texture. I love the way it gives the effect of the colours running into the background at the edge of the content boxes. And if you scroll to the bottom the monkey with the 3D glasses is just AWESOME!

This design is a good example of the use of subtle texture. It’s so subtle that you can hardly see the blotchy effect it has in the background (now that’s what I call subtle). I also love the main menu with the roll over animations, a great idea.

Although the wood and paper texture effects have been used a lot I feel that this site uses it really well. It finds the right balance between textures without making the site feel too cluttered. This site is a definite GOB SMACKER.

If you want a nice blend of textures then this is the site, although the site uses a lot of textures on the top half of the site the bottom half of site is kept relatively simple and clean giving the whole site a good balance and not overdoing the textured effect.

This web site combines the minimalistic look with a textured background effect. I felt that the background just adds that little bit extra that is needed to the site.

I love the colours, textures and the whole vintage meets modern vibe that the site gives off. I really like the texture used for the background on this site, it kind of looks like chalk/concrete with the content embedded into the background.

I hope these designs will tickle your creative side as they have for me, and to read more of my web design articles go this way!