Pedalo Launch New Website for Anti-Slavery International

anti-slavery-international hp

We are very proud to announce the launch of a brand new website for Anti-Slavery International – The oldest international human rights organisation in the world.

This organisation, founded in 1839, has been working tirelessly to eliminate all forms of slavery and slavery like practices throughout the world.  We always enjoy working with organisations that are making a difference, and this was an especially gratifying project – Helping Anti-Slavery International share their message online and utilise the web to it’s full extent to rally support for their cause.

The Challenge

The organisation first came to us with an old CMS that was not responsive and not allowing them enough flexibility to suit their needs. The site information structure left something to be desired and the content wasn’t focussed on the right user audience.  In addition, the organisation had some fantastic imagery but weren’t able to make good use of it.

The Solution

We enjoyed a wonderful, collaborative partnership with the organisation throughout the process, which began with a full User Experience cycle.  We delved into what should and shouldn’t be on the site and proceeded to create an information structure aimed at engaging the right audience.   The wireframes were unanimously agreed upon by all.  We then turned to creating a brand new design and building the website in WordPress, making sure that the website is optimised for viewing on any device.

The New Website:

Anti-Slavery International’s new website has a fresh new look, is fully responsive and built on an optimised navigation structure to enable the organisation to showcase their work in an engaging way, make use of their impressive imagery and fundraise effectively online.  The fundraising section is divided to allow different donor groups easy access to the most relevant information and a simple way to take action.

The website includes the following sections:

  • Slavery Today – Information on forms of slavery, slavery today and slavery in the UK
  • What We Do – About the organisation’s work around the world
  • Our Impact – The impact the organisation is having on eliminating slavery including recent success stories
  • Take Action – How you can get involved, including and becoming a member

Our new website feels modern, bold, yet very simple, which is the very result we wanted from the start.  It was a long and complicated process, one that one doesn’t go through very often and generally doesn’t know how it works exactly and what to expect from it. This is where Pedalo was the most useful.
They managed it in a very professional way, engaging the Anti-Slavery team from the start on building the website’s structure, identifying main audiences and deciding what content should be on the website and how it should be presented. They were also very efficient in managing the flow of small and big issues and questions that normally arise in big numbers.
The final result is very pleasing and is gathering very enthusiastic feedback. The structure is very simple and easy to navigate, and the design captures and strengthens our brand perfectly. It feels we now have a springboard to take our digital communications and fundraising to the next level. – Jakub Sobik, Anti-Slavery International’s Communications Manager

We invite you to visit the new website and let us know what you think! –