Digital Strategy in London

Digital Strategy is aimed at helping our clients to see beyond the day to day running of their site and begin to think about how their long term business goals and digital strategy can be in synch.

We start by taking stock of your digital assets and identifying areas of improvement through answering three main questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where would you like to be?
  • How do we get there?

We help organisations to understand what their digital strategy is going to look like as well as the path towards it, matching wishlists to budgets and helping you to see where business changes may need to occur in line with new digital capabilities.

We’re located in London but work across the UK and beyond. Contact us to find out more.

Is your organisation facing ‘the rope bridge’ scenario:

Whilst safely on one side of the bridge you could comfortably continue with the status quo, on the other side there is a world of digital possibilities waiting for you. At some point there will be a need to cross over.

You now have a choice, to wait until it appears ‘safe’ to move across, hurriedly and losing out to others who have already taken the leap. Or by using an experienced guide to help you comfortably traverse  at your own pace – with a full understanding of what is to come.

That’s where Pedalo can help – building a bridge through sessions centred around open idea sharing, road mapping, and identifying how digital requirements are likely to change over time.

This certainly is not a one size fits all so get in touch to find out how digital strategy consultancy can open possibilities for you.