Let our managed services for Drupal and WordPress take care of the details

Which situation best describes you?

  • You have an older site that needs to be updated
  • Your CMS/functionality/hosting solution is having issues
  • You would like to improve the level of service you receive
  • You are generally  looking at your support options

In order to keep your web site secure, healthy and performing at it’s optimum level there are a number of regular updates to the content management system and the modules/plugins that support the functionality.

We’ve found the best way for our clients to manage this is to budget for it on an annual basis and have the peace of mind knowing that things will be taken care of. We can then perform the necessary updates without having to cause any disruption and give you a full breakdown of all of the work carried out.

Our managed services are not exclusive to our own clients but we do of course ask that your site be made in Drupal or WordPress. For many sites we can quickly determine what the immediate, medium and longer term issues are through performing an in-depth health-check audit and provide you with a report and action plan.

Managed services for Drupal

Our managed services are especially relevant in relation to the Drupal websites we develop. Our services and approach to providing support usually flows as:

    • Maintenance and upgrades : Both the CMS and the modules on the site will require regular update patches to be installed and configured in order to ensure it continues to operate well. We can help you to budget ahead for these necessary updates though our managed services packages, taking care of them immediately as they arise.
    • Managed data back-up: Through our ongoing support offering regular, scheduled backups of the site will be taken and stored by our team. For any particular reason if you should need to revert to a previously saved version of the site we are on hand to make sure you are quickly and safely back up and running.
    • Software security updates: Site security is of the utmost importance to us here at Pedalo and something that we constantly keep a watchful eye over to quickly understand new threats. With regular monitoring of the latest security patches we continuously check to keep our client’s free from harmful viruses and other attacks.

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