Who We Are

The Pedalo Team

The perfect digital partner, that’s who we are

Since way back when in 2000 our group of designers and web developers have shared the same belief – making brilliant websites is a bit like powering a Pedalo: it takes two (i.e. us and our clients), working collaboratively, to head in the right direction and achieve fantastic results. In a nutshell, that’s who we are.

We work with like-minded, people focussed organisations who know that their audiences and their team are the most valuable assets they hold. Pedalo works hard to understand the unique environments in which our clients operate by thoroughly investigating what matters most to the individuals who interact with them digitally.

We don’t limit ourselves to any sector but we’ve found our web design approach really works well with charities, non-profits, social enterprises,membership organisations and people centred businesses

Guy and Joe have over 30 years experience working within the web industry between them which has seen them work with a variety of clients in a multitude of verticals. Of all the projects Pedalo have undertaken one thing has always remained constant – a people focussed approach and a desire to be the perfect partner for in-house resources. That constant has coloured the way our team practice web design and development; by thinking about the people they are building with as well as those they are building for.

It helps that we’ve got an eclectic mix of personalities with lots of unique perspectives, come and meet the faces you’ll be working with…