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pedalo launches interactive Cancer Health Check tool

pedalo launches interactive Cancer Health Check tool

pedalo launches interactive Cancer Health Check tool

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We’re delighted to share our innovative online tool for WCRF, which enables people to input personalised lifestyle data and find out how this affects their cancer risk…

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) champions the latest and most authoritative scientific research on cancer prevention and survival. We partnered with the charity with the brief of finding more innovative and engaging ways to share their vital research with a larger audience.

We’re thrilled to have created an interactive, public-facing Cancer Health Check tool. It enables people to input personal data about their diet, physical activity and other factors to find out exactly how their lifestyle choices affect their cancer risk. The tool is available in three versions (US, UK and the Netherlands) with regionally-specific languages and measurements. Users can view their results online or in an email, and are also encouraged to sign up to WCRF’s email newsletter.

In addition, we created a bespoke sub-site within the WCRF website to display the charity’s research with a global audience of scientists, policy-makers and health professionals. We gave the content a fresh, modern feel, and created a navigation and structure which displays the information in different ways so people can explore according to their area of interest – either cancer causes, cancer types or WCRF’s cancer prevention recommendations. 

“We worked on two major digital projects with Pedalo after switching from another agency. Both projects were extremely important to us and a milestone in our cancer prevention work. It was a fantastic outcome – both are a huge success and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from across our whole organisation and externally.”

In the two weeks following the launch of our designs, the WCRF saw a 500% increase in web traffic, with the expert report pages gaining 62,000 visits and the Cancer Health Check tool getting more than 20,000 completions!

If you’d like to discuss a web design project, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

wireframes: hints for charities

wireframes: hints for charities

wireframes: hints for charities

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Web design is full of specialist terms and acronyms. We explain what wireframing is, and consider why it’s so important for charities with limited budgets…

what’s a wireframe?

A wireframe, in it’s simplest form, is a diagram of a website’s layout, including basic design and functionality. In very broad strokes, it shows what is going to be put on each page of a site. We make wireframes for clients so we can discuss what should (and should not) be on a page, consider how things are ordered, and test the user journey from page to page.

Wireframing is an important part of the website design process but it’s not where things start. Wireframing can’t begin at all until a lot of decisions have been made about the website’s purpose,  goals, target audience and structure. We refer to this stage as the research/scoping phase; wireframing is part of the design phase which follows on.

why are wireframes important for charities?

Wireframing is an integral part of the web design process, helping developers improve user experience and giving charities the opportunity to visualise how their new websites will work before all the bells and whistles are added. They ensure everyone involved in the project understands the layout and functionality for thus website, thus enhancing both stakeholder alignment and the quality of the final design

It can be easy to think that skipping the wireframes process will save valuable time and money, but good wireframes pave the path for an entire web project and ensure a smooth transition into development. Wireframes are relatively quick and cost-effective to produce, which means that they actually save investment of time and money in the long-run, as issues can be ironed out in the early stages when they are much easier and cheaper to solve.

want to redesign your charity website?

We’ve got lots more information about web design and wireframes across our blog.

With two decades of experience in charity web design, we understand the challenges you face and are passionate about helping you reach target audiences, increase fundraising conversions and convey key messages. For more information, please get in touch.