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Web design work is becoming less and less ‘in-your-face’ and more and more ‘invisible’. Websites are increasingly being used as a ‘frame’ for the content within – and it’s the quality of this content that will put your website ahead of the competition in the long run. That’s why content needs to be carefully ‘designed’, to make it as compelling as possible for users…

content & inbound marketing

However active you are digitally, if you’re only re-posting other people’s content you won’t get the full benefit. You have to be generating consistent quality content to shine on the web. This approach now has a name – inbound marketing. It’s ‘inbound’ because people are drawn to your website for high-quality authoritative content, as opposed to you sending ‘outbound’ adverts, newsletters and promotions.

Inbound marketing is based on the principle that self-selecting visitors to your site are more open to making a purchase than those cajoled by advertising, who will often arrive with a suspicious mind. This key difference is in the level of trust these two groups have, because of the different routes they have taken to find your content.

the importance of imagery

High-quality written content needs excellent imagery for maximum effectiveness. And the bolder and brighter the better, as US researchers found that coloured visuals increase people’s willingness to read by 80%!

There are plenty of free (and paid) online photo libraries, but it’s easy to get lost in trying to find the perfect image so make sure to plan enough time for this crucial aspect of content design. Even more time may be needed if you choose to use Photoshop or another tool to personalise or update imagery.

infographic, video or another format?

With people’s increasingly busy lives and more and more content vying for attention online, infographics and videos offer a great way to convey rich and colourful information in a succinct and compelling manner.

But it doesn’t stop there… there are almost infinite ways you can design your content! Think about your brand values, target audience and digital marketing strategy – could a podcast, a Pinterest board or a vlog help you achieve your goals? Good luck!


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