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Why do you need to update Drupal?

  • Regular Drupal updates are vital to maintain a secure and optimized site. Drupal and the wider community of module developers release regular updates to defend against security vulnerabilities, enhance features, and improve performance. By regularly applying updates, your site will be better placed to fight off cyber threats, whilst also benefiting from new functionality and performance improvements.

    We offer manual updates on a range of frequencies to suit each sites’ individual needs. All changes are applied on a development environment ready for testing, and then deployed to either staging or live environments as required. Ahead of applying the live changes we will ensure backups are taken to allow for a swift rollback should an update cause any issues, and we will monitor the live environment for issues post-deployment.

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  • Frequency options

    Frequency Annual fee
    Once every three months £2,720
    Once every two months £3,060
    Once a month £4,080
    Once every two weeks £6,120
    Weekly £8,840

    All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.
    Our standard terms and conditions apply.


How often should your site be updated?

  • This really depends on the nature of your site and on your budget constraints. For business critical sites we would usually recommend a higher frequency, say once a month or every couple of weeks. This may also be the case for sites that contain sensitive data such as customer details or that have features that touch other parts of your business such as CRMs or e-commerce functions. For a few clients it may even be important to perform updates once a week to ensure they are as up-to-date as possible on a continual basis.

    For sites that are less central to your organisation’s normal functioning a less frequent service may well suffice, helping to save on annual maintenance costs. Each client and each site have different risk profiles, and different setups so it will be important to have a technical expert assess your specific needs before choosing which option would fit you best.

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