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Ensuring WordPress sites are up to date with the latest core and plugin upgrades

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When it comes to keeping your WordPress website running smoothly and securely, one of the most important things to consider is making sure all of your plugins are up to date with any available updates. Manually updating each plugin can be a time-consuming process and if you don’t have the correct process, it can also be risky just updating them on the live site. The core WordPress files and also some themes will require updates on an ongoing basis too. As such keeping on top of plugin updates often gets overlooked by busy site owners. That’s why Pedalo offers an automated plugin update service that makes it easy for WordPress users to keep their site installations current without having to worry about doing it themselves.

Pedalo’s automated plugin update service does the hard work for you by checking your installed plugins and WordPress files daily against its database of the latest versions available from each respective developer or publisher. When new updates become available, our system automatically downloads them and applies them directly into your WordPress site, so you don’t have to do anything yourself! This ensures that all of your plugins and the core WordPress installation remain up to date with the latest security patches and bug fixes released by developers, on a daily basis, helping to protect against potential vulnerabilities and security risks.

Plus, Pedalo also provides comprehensive reporting on which plugins were updated and when they were last checked so you can easily track any changes made over time. Also, if something goes wrong during an update (like a compatibility issue between two different versions), our support team is immediately alerted every evening, and they will be on hand to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Keeping your WordPress site secure shouldn’t be complicated or stressful – let us handle the technical details while you focus on creating great content!

Sign up today for Pedalo’s automated plugin update service and start enjoying peace of mind knowing that all of your plugins stay safe & up to date!