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At Pedalo, we’ve optimised and maintained hundreds of Drupal websites. With two decades of experience, we offer expert Drupal support and website management services to keep your Drupal website running at its best.

We’ve worked with clients from commercial, membership and not-for-profit sectors, and are active Acquia community partners and members of the Drupal Association.

Based in central London, we offer a wide variety of Drupal maintenance services tailored to your needs, including:

  • Drupal software upgrades
  • Drupal bug fixes
  • Drupal website migrations
  • Security improvements/updates
  • Data backups
  • Drupal website audits
  • Reliable Drupal website hosting
  • General Drupal support

Get in touch now to discuss your Drupal support and maintenance needs.

why choose Pedalo for Drupal support & maintenance?

We do digital differently – offering flexible on demand Drupal expertise to maintain and optimise your website. Whether you want to add new features, fix a bug/problem or maximise security protection on your Drupal website, you just pay for exactly what you need, when you need it.

We take time to get to know your organisation and can either implement changes on an ad-hoc basis or as part of a long-term website maintenance strategy.

As a specialist Drupal agency, we’re an Acquia community partner and active members of the Drupal Association, with our Drupal experts regularly contributing modules to the open source community.

We perform all necessary Drupal support and development without causing disruption to your usual daily activities and provide a full breakdown of work as it is carried out. With our collaborative approach, we’re like your own in-house web team, but with greater expertise and lower cost.

Partner with us and we’ll meet all of your Drupal support and maintenance needs, so you can rest assured your site is always delivering great results.

we’ve offered Drupal support services for hundreds of clients:

From creating an interactive an cancer health check tool for World Cancer Research Fund to  increasing web traffic by 67% for Veolia’s ELGA LabWater, we’ve provided expert Drupal support for clients across a wide variety of sectors.

“Pedalo’s knowledge has proven to be exceptional with our large Drupal website. The developers show a clear understanding of our business and requirements, as well as speaking in English and not in jargon. We will definitely continue working with Pedalo.”

Jim Riches
IT Manager

our Drupal services include:

  • In-depth Drupal website audits to determine current performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Regular website maintenance and fixes to keep your site functioning optimally
  • Data backups for all of your website information, with expert help if you ever need to revert to a saved version
  • Frequent Drupal upgrades to ensure your site is always up-to-date
  • Security improvements/updates to keep your site protected against hacking and security breaches
  • Reliable, cloud-based Drupal website hosting
  • Performance optimisation such as improving speed, functionality, accessibility and user experience
  • Experienced Drupal web developers who can undertake module customisation, increase functionality and add extra features
  • Drupal training to help you manage and maintain your site efficiently
  • Comprehensive support and assistance from a dedicated team of Drupal developers
  • Regular catch-ups and recommendations to improve your site and keep it up-to-date

need help with Drupal website design & development?

We also offer services to help with the design and build of your Drupal website.