Stakeholder Interviews

UX services-icons- stakeholder interviewsWhat is a stakeholder interview?

Stakeholder interviews are an effective way to discover our clients’ needs and expectations from the project we’re about to start. They are designed to create a conversation between us and the important members of our client’s team — the stakeholders.

The benefits of stakeholder interviews

  • Help build a picture of the business and user needs for your project
  • Clarify what clients’ expectations are
  • Highlight conflicts which might affect the project
  • Allow stakeholders to share their opinion and views

How is it done?

As with any research method we use, it is important to identify the objectives and what we want to discover first. We develop simple but effective questionnaires, eliciting a mix of objective multiple-choice and open-ended questions, to get the most informative outcome, which we then apply to the design solution.

What will you discover?

The results of the interview will help us to identify the areas which can most be improved. The report contains users’ opinions and suggestions, which can be used throughout the design process as well as also feeding into wider strategic direction.

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