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Not sure how to do website maintenance? Or looking for a web maintenance checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s easy to leave your website running, unchecked, with sub-optimal performance that may be dramatically affecting your online results. Just like a car needs regular MOTs and servicing, websites need ongoing maintenance to stay up-to-date and working optimally.

Follow our free website maintenance checklist to learn how to maintain your website and keep it in tip-top shape:

✔ 1. maximise page speed

✔ 2. install software updates

✔ 3. repair broken links

✔ 4. ensure accessibility

✔ 5. get browser-compatible

✔ 6. check GDPR compliance

✔ 7. maximise security

✔ 8. add new content

✔ 9. ensure mobile compatibility

✔ 10. improve SEO

✔ 11. test functionality

✔ 12. maximise social media integration

✔ 13. optimise metadata

✔ 14. review analytics

✔ 15. prepare for the worst

Download our FREE checklist to learn how to do website maintenance and optimise your website below: 


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