Pedalo Launch New Care International Website

Care International Homepage

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new responsive Care International website.
Care International is an amazing organization with the ambitious aim of fighting poverty and injustice in the world’s most vulnerable places.

Care International works in over 70 countries affected by conflict, crises or disasters, saving lives and developing long-term solutions to the problem of poverty.  They focus on and empower women and girls, because women are the pillars of the community and they in turn help lift their family and community with them.

We were given the complex task of merging two static, non responsive websites to create one user friendly website, with a better user journey, accessible content and strong calls to action, while increasing brand awareness by creating a unified look and feel with the worldwide organization, but staying true to the UK audience.

The new responsive website was built in Drupal. It features an improved structure with layers of content suited to different devices, is more engaging and also easier to update behind the scenes.

The website is better suited to tell the organizations’ stories and showcase the difference they are making around the world. There is also an improved events area which is unique to the UK website with a simple registration form and call to action.

The new website allows for internal ads which are dynamic and can be linked to relevant content.

The website is now being considered as a template for other countries.

 The new website is a huge improvement over what we had, and the initial feedback is excellent. We are very, very happy -Richard Edwards, Digital Manager at Care International UK