UWL – Facilitating Mobile Pathways

The Challenge

The University of West London (UWL) came to us with a dated site that wasn’t well structured.  The user journey was convoluted, focussing internally as opposed to being built for its audience.  The site was non responsive and not built to current standards in terms of SEO.

In addition, UWL have a unique challenge in that once a year, the entire focus of the site changes to Clearing.  They wanted to create a clever, user friendly section which would make it easy for prospective students to find clearing spaces and apply for them online using any device.  This section would need to be at the forefront of the site for a limited time so as to make the most of this period.

The Solution

Time was of the essence.  We began by creating a set of wireframes and meeting with the senior management to explain the concept.  Once approved, we set off to create a fresh new design. Turning to Drupal for it’s flexibility and functionality, the pages were built and completed to the set timeframe.

The following improvements were made to the new homepage:

  • A reprioritised layout and navigation, focussed on engaging students and prospective students
  • An option to promote different types of content, including video
  • An option to search for a course
  • Fully responsive design
  • User friendly and easy to maintain, update and operate on the backend
  • Transformed to feature a limited time only Clearing homepage


The Limited-Time Clearing Homepage

In order to meet the demands of Clearing and allow students to apply for courses online, the UWL homepage was transformed to feature a limited-time-only Clearing page.

The Clearing section was hand-coded in HTML and designed for PC, mobiles and tablets.  Users visiting the UWL homepage would have the device they are using identified (using a php mobile detect library) and then redirected to the correct responsive Clearing page.  The Clearing page featured a new design, pop-up search option, new page layout and a new clearing menu, as well as an option to apply for the course online.

The Results

The new clearing section:

  • Traffic to the Clearing section increased by 300%
  • Mobile visits increased by over 400%


The homepage:

  • Average time on the page increased by over 33%
  • Total traffic to the page increased by 10%

We have been delighted by the work undertaken for us by the team at Pedalo, in particular their extensive Drupal experience and knowledge of mobile development. -Lucy Abrahams, Acting Website Manager, UWL

We have been working with UWL for over 2 years on an ongoing basis, providing Drupal support and maintenance services through a number of release cycles.

UWL is a leading university with a reputation for high-quality education closely linked to employment. Based in the heart of one of the UK’s most successful business regions, the University has highly qualified staff with a wealth of experience in their respective disciplines and strong connections to their industries.

Project Highlights

  • A limited time only Clearing homepage transformation

  • Reprioritised layout and navigation

  • Content promotion options, including video

  • Fully responsive design