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Whilst the idea of digitising member processes and integrating CIPR’s website with SagePay and Integra (database) seemed simple, there were several additional requirements which made the technical work more challenging. CIPR needed a workflow that allowed for manual approval of member submissions and a step for cleansing before data was transferred to its database.

Using our expertise in membership website design and systems integration, we created a seamless registration experience for new members in which they’re able to join CIPR and pay the relevant membership fee entirely online. The new member’s application is then held by the website in a pending state, where it can be viewed and amended by the internal membership team. Once it has been updated and approved by staff, data is submitted to the back-office membership system, at which point an automatic confirmation email is also sent to the member.

The new integrated Drupal website design and functionality has not only enabled members to sign-up for and renew membership digitally at their convenience, but also dramatically reduced administrative processes and increased internal efficiency.