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IOM3 had unsuccessfully attempted an integration with another supplier previously, so we made sure to collaborate fully with the institute and carefully explore the implications of each step of the project. We enjoyed an excellent partnership, working together to explore how to deliver a fully-integrated and strategic solution that delivered on all of IOM3’s requirements.

Activity took place across two distinct cycles. One project focused on the relatively straightforward Drupal website development, including user experience, and design and build. At the same time, a second, complex CRM and digital integration project was carried out, which involved careful planning to minimise organisational disruption and overcome critical challenges. Our dual approach ensured that robust consultation, technical scoping, stakeholder alignment and testing took place in continual cycles, whilst simultaneously enabling progress to be made. 

We facilitated several consulting phases with IOM3 and third-party suppliers to scope out the development of a bespoke CRM API toolset, define and facilitate testing phases, and migrate thousands of pages of restructured content. We also used our extensive experience in membership web design to analyse and improve membership systems and increase administrative efficiency. 

The new website gives IOM3 a fresh online brand appearance, is optimised for viewing across devices, and has a vastly improved user journey. The site is integrated for the first time with IOM3’s bespoke CRM tooling and has substantially improved membership and back-office processes. The depth of technical insight gained during the project has also empowered internal teams, paving the way for future phases of digital change, which can now be made more efficiently and effectively.