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People focussed charity web design in London

The way people communicate, exchange information and make decisions has changed greatly with the rise of social media, mobile apps and other digital tools.  The importance of the web in everyday life is constantly increasing which is why our charity web design services help organisations to understand and seize emerging opportunities.

Engagement and Fundraising

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We have been creating websites for charities in London and around the globe for over 17 years, helping them reach their key audiences, engage with their community in meaningful ways, improve fundraising efforts/conversions and make the world a better place.  We have been recommended by our clients on RAR for our expertise and level of service for many years.

A website that communicates the charity’s key messages, gives its audience a great experience and also motivates taking action is the most powerful tool to help a charity achieve its objectives.

We help organisations to drive levels of engagement and fundraising outcomes through identifying the requirements of users and the wider community who exist around the site. We then build unique journeys where visuals, content and functionality are aligned towards the most important outcomes for the organisation.

Our Work

Our charity web design service utilises Open Source tools, namely; Drupal and WordPress.  We specialise in helping organisations to understand how their overarching objectives can be reached digitally and then implement technical improvements to drive the online conversions that lead to them.

We achieve this by creating an optimal customer journey, promoting key messages and designing innovative solutions to bespoke needs. All combine to help charities reach their goals and improve lives.

Our developers are experts at tackling complex requirements and tailoring bespoke solutions.  They are contributing members to the Drupal Community and proud to be able to offer something back.

To give you an idea of the impact a great website can have on a charity’s overarching goals, take a look at some examples of our work:

Or listen to what our clients have to say about us:

“The new website is a huge improvement over what we had, and the initial feedback is excellent. We are very, very happy” -Richard Edwards, Digital Manager at Care International UK

“Pedalo delivered exactly on the objectives that we set“Mark Chandler – Director of Marketing & Fundraising at Beating Bowl Cancer

“The highest recommendation I believe you can give a digital agency is working with them on a second brief after an initial project is complete. It really is the most compelling vote of confidence and that is what our charity did with Pedalo. Innovative work which meets all aspects of the brief, is completed on budget and to deadline; really you cannot ask for more! I would highly recommend Pedalo to other not-for-profits looking to launch a new website, especially those looking for excellent ROI and customer service.” –Marina Mello, Communications Manager at The Benevolent; The Drinks Industry Charity

Helpful Hints for Charities

We take pride in helping charities that are making a difference.  We invite you to read our blog which is focused on digital themes and helpful tips for the third sector.

To hear more about how we can help your charity or to see more examples of work we have been doing for our clients, click on the buttons below.