UX Persona Development

UX icons, persona developmentWhat are UX personas?

Personas are fictional characters which are developed to express the different types of user requirements, preferences and expectations which are essential to the user interface design.

Typically we will develop one persona per key user group and use these personas to help us understand how these different groups will use the site, it’s content and its functionality. This occurs before we start the actual site build.

The benefits of UX persona development

  • Get a better understanding of who your users are and what expectations they might have
  • Build and enhance your understanding of what you are trying to achieve through your website
  • Good communication tool to validate our research  with our clients
  • Can help with the evaluation of design solutions and the prioritization of features
  • Identify the needs and goals your users have
  • Increase conversions and online revenue by meeting user requirements

How is it done?

We usually start the process of designing a persona by looking at our client’s analytics and getting to know them and their organisation.  We may also use questionnaires or surveys to get a wider set of data to help in the persona development stage.

A typical persona design process focuses on the following:

  • Understanding the website audience with research  and statistics
  • Examining the client’s site usage patterns
  • Bringing the character to life with biographical information and imagery

What will you discover?

In most cases user personas are validated for our clients, documented and included in a final report.  With the report we aim to give you a better understanding of who your user are, what they do and the current limitations of your site.  Does the site meet the users’ needs? Does it speak their language?  These questions can be answered by comparing the personas to your website, and then adjusting it accordingly.


Get in touch to understand how persona development can help you improve your website experience.