UX Survey

UX icons, ux surveysWhat is a UX survey?

A user experience or UX survey is a popular method used to find out who your users are, what they want, what they do and how they interact with your website.

A survey is a set of questions used to gather user opinions, ideas and feelings about a website or application.

The benefits of a UX survey

  • Provides a better understanding of who your users are
  • Useful for getting a general overview about certain topics
  • Stakeholders can be confident that the design is based on user research
  • Reduces the risk of designing poor solutions for users
  • Identifies what the users’ needs and goals are

How is it done?

As with any research method we conduct, it is important to identify the objectives.  We develop simple but effective questionnaires, eliciting a mix of objective multiple-choice and open questions to receive the best and most informative outcome, which we then apply to our design solution. This can be acheived either remotely online or within small sample groups offline.

What will you discover?

The results of the survey will help you to identify the areas which can most be improved.  The report contains useful users’ opinions and suggestions, which can be used throughout the design process.  We can also develop interactive wireframe solutions for our recommendations.


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