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The digital landscape has shifted massively over the last few years, with technology evolving rapidly and changes in device usage, social media trends, search engine algorithms and more constantly occurring.  This, coupled with the fact that many membership organisations have aging legacy systems which are used to manage membership data, make it challenging for many UK membership organisations to stay ahead in today’s digital world.  But these obstacles also create a fantastic opportunity for organisations that are keen to take a leap into the digital future.

We have spent the last 15 years providing effective digital solutions for clients in the membership sector, with proven results.  We enjoy turning these challenges into opportunities and working together with the organisations to find bespoke solutions that fit their needs.  We like to keep on top of the latest digital trends in the sector and conduct research to make sure we are always able to provide the best solution possible.  We are excited to take part in the digital revolution of the membership sector and to see the impact this work is having on the organisations and their members.

Member Joining, Engagement & Retention Online

The average person picks up their phone 85 times a day and spend a total of 5 hours browsing the web and using apps.  Your members are increasingly performing more and more of their day-to-day tasks online, so they also expect to be able to engage with your organisation’s website in a similar way.

Providing your audience with a seamless user journey and reducing friction in the member joining process (online registration) will increase your joining rate.  Creating a website that allows for a high level of self-service, is personalised and engaging, will increase member satisfaction and retention.

Part of what we do, through different user experience research methods, is discover the most important aspects of the online experience for your specific digital audience.  We can then tailor fit a solution to your needs and help ensure your organisation meets it’s goals.

Our Services for the Membership Sector

We provide a full range of digital services for membership organisations, including:

We have been creating beautiful and effective websites for the membership sector for over 17 years.

But more importantly, we are system integration experts.  We can integrate your website with your organisation’s bespoke CRM, billing systems or databases, allowing your organisation to add a multitude of features to the site which will enhance the member’s online experience and level of self-service, while saving your organisation valuable time and resources by automating and streamlining processes.

Our Work for the Membership Sector

We’re an award winning agency that prides itself on providing digital solutions that get results. We invite you to take a look at some examples of our work for the sector and the impact it has made.

Our clients include:

Recent Case Studies:

We’re also the proud winners of the MemCom 2017 Highly Commended ‘Agency of the Year’ Award for our work with the membership sector.

What our clients have to say about us:

The new website has allowed us to present our activities in a much more visual way, give identity to our activity groups and make use of the great images that represent our industry sector. All in all that makes for a much more attractive site. We’re also pleased with the flexibility Drupal 7 gives us to manage and present our content, and in the back end the ability to manage users and view user data is very valuable. – Dr Nuna Staniaszek, Director of Communications at IOM3

We are delighted with the new look and functionality of our website. Every month thousands of people – many of whom are first time visitors – come to our site to find out more about our work transforming the lives of fostered children, and it’s vital that they have a positive user experience and can navigate their way around the site easily. That’s why the new structure of our site is so important and is proving to be so effective. – Daniel Sinclair, Comms Manager at The Fostering Network

We have been very pleased with the work Pedalo have done for us. Their knowledge has proven to be exceptional, not only with our large Drupal website but with the database we integrate the site with as well. The developers also show a clear understanding of our business and requirements, as well as speaking in English and not in jargon. – Jim Riches, IT Manager at CIPR


Membership sector research, guides and tools

We are constantly updating our membership sector blog which is focused on digital themes and helpful information for membership organisations, in it you can find free downloadable guides, reports and more.

To hear more about how we can help your organisation, or to see more examples of work we have been doing for our clients, click on the buttons below.