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writing a website brief – a ‘how to’ guide

We explain how to write a website brief to ensure clarity and provide structure for strategic thinking

branding for charities: key questions

How can charities maintain a coherent identity and profile whilst not spending excessive budget on branding?

9 awesome 404 error pages

A 404 error page is a great opportunity to be creative with imagery, humour and brand messaging; we ...

the principles of Gestalt in web design

We cover five of important Gestalt principles - proximity, similarity, continuation, symmetry and closure - and show how these can be used in web design

what’s in a wireframe? everything you need to know

Wireframes are like an engineer’s blueprint or an architect’s drawings, and an important part of any web design project

is your website accessible? [infographic]

Web accessibility means ensuring your website can be accessed, used and enjoyed by all users, including those with disabilities

the best charity & third sector websites

We share our favourite charity websites and offer tips to improve your third sector site design

do I need a website audit?

Does your site need a health check to highlight problem areas and suggest improvements?

GDPR: is your website GDPR compliant?

Everything you need to know to ensure your website is GDPR compliant, from privacy notices to contact forms and cookie policies to cybersecurity

understanding user personas

We explain what user personas are, and why they're important

a guide to Google AdWords grants

Find out how your charity can access Google's $10,000 monthly grant for PPC advertising

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