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Our WordPress developers designed a beautiful new website for JRRT, with visually-appealing branding placing the trust as a distinct but in-keeping part of the wider Joseph Rowntree family. It tells the organisation’s vision and story in an engaging way, with information well-organised and easy to find.

The trust’s grant application process has been made clearer in order to encourage the right people and organisations to apply.  There is information about what is and isn’t funded, key dates, guidance on writing applications and lots of other relevant resources highlighted before an application can be commenced. This means that JRRT is now only receiving high-quality grant requests from projects that are eligible for funding, thus reducing administrative time spent reading, processing and responding to unsuitable applications.

A key part of the project was ensuring an open and inclusive decision-making process amongst JRRT’s staff and trustees, in line with the organisations strong democratic values. We conducted a variety of workshops and other stakeholder alignment activities to ensure all voices were heard and that decisions were made collectively, resulting in a website that everyone is proud of.