Website audits & health checks

AUDIT your website for an expert OVERVIEW OF PERFORMANCE

Our in-depth website audits/health checks give an overview of how your site is functioning, focusing on problem areas and how to solve these. With our technical expertise, high level of experience and expert knowledge of Drupal or WordPress, we can suggest key areas to improve performance and help you maximise your online results.

Our website health checks can cover:

  • Functionality
  • Security
  • Code quality
  • Server configuration
  • Custom modules
  • Design/themes
  • Usability
  • Speed
  • Site structure
  • Accessibility
  • Technical issues
  • …and much more

Our website audits are done using a full copy of your site so we don’t interrupt your usual work, and we ensure value for money by focusing our efforts on areas for improvement.

Following our site audit, we’ll send you a detailed report identifying high, medium and low priorities for development and providing recommendations to overcome any problems. We can then, if you would like, implement these changes as part of a maintenance package.

For more information or to book a site audit/health check, please get in touch.

Why audit your website?
Article Name
Why audit your website?
A website audit or health check gives an overview of how your site is functioning, with a focus on problem areas and how to solve these. It should cover areas such as functionality, security, code quality, server configuration, design/themes, usability, speed, structure and accessibility. Following the audit, you can make improvements to maximise your online results.