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From regular maintenance to proactive upgrades and improvements, our expert website management services give you peace of mind. We make sure your site is always performing optimally so you can focus on running your organisation.

There’s more to digital support than just fixing bugs. We meet all of your website management needs – from general maintenance to improving cybersecurity and optimising site performance to hosting.

With more than two decades of experience, we’re the experts in website management for Drupal and WordPress. We’re both a safety net to keep your website functioning, backed-up and secure, and a catalyst to develop your digital presence and propel you into the future.

As your digital management and support partner, we’ll keep a close eye on your site, flagging up potential problems, solving glitches and improving your online results over time. With regular website audits, a clear digital strategy and expert account management from our central London office, we can help you stay focused and ahead in today’s challenging digital landscape.

Whether you’re looking for basic maintenance, upgrades and support or need a dedicated team to manage and improve your site’s performance, we tailor our services to your requirements and will ensure you’re always achieving your digital goals.

“Pedalo’s knowledge has proven to be exceptional, not only with our large Drupal website but with the database we integrate the site with as well. The developers show a clear understanding of our business and requirements, as well as speaking in English and not in jargon. We have been very pleased with the work done and look forward to continuing to work with Pedalo.”

Jim Riches
IT Manager

Get in touch to discuss your digital and website support requirements, and find out more about how we can boost your online results.