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Audit your website for an expert overview of performance. With our technical knowledge and two decades of experience, we can uncover problem areas and provide solutions to help you reach your digital goals.

Our WordPress and Drupal website audits are tailored to meet your needs but can cover a variety of important digital KPIs including code quality, usability, server configuration, design, functionality, speed, user experience, structure, content and accessibility.

We conduct audits using a copy of your site so we don’t interrupt your usual work, and we focus our efforts on areas for improvement to ensure maximum return on investment. Following your audit, we’ll send you a detailed report identifying high, medium and low priorities for development and providing recommendations to overcome any issues.

“The staff at Pedalo are quick, responsive and understand exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking to take your business, charity or organisation to the next level, Pedalo is definitely the right choice!”

Mete Coban

Book a website audit now to check your site’s performance and stay ahead in today’s challenging digital world.