Our Branding and re-branding services

Organisations of all trades and sizes can greatly benefit from branding.  In today’s competitive world, a brand sets your organisation, as well as your products, services, or cause, apart from the rest.  Branding is a long term game and if done correctly, will make all other aspects of your business easier.  From marketing & sales to the way you run your business internally, branding sets the tone for how your organisation looks, reacts and behaves both internally and externally.

We help businesses and charities build their brand or re-brand their services.  Our full branding service includes a branding exercise which will help build your brand strategy, brand design including a company logo and corporate colour palette, and the subsequent production of brand assets (such as letterheads, social media graphics etc).  If you need a specific aspect of our branding service, we can also tailor fit solutions based on your requirements.

Here is an overview of our full branding service and what each step includes:

Branding Exercises

Branding exercise iconWe conduct a branding exercise workshop to build the brand strategy.  This ground-up exercise will help your organisation to define clearly and answer the following questions:

  • What do you do?  (Your products and services)
  • What are you trying to do?  (Your mission)
  • What is your target market?  (who are your customers)
  • What makes your brand special?  (Your USP – unique selling proposition)

The results of this workshop will be the foundation on which we build your brand collateral.  This exercise will generate a Brand Profile document and a Design Brief which will enable design assets to be created that are properly crafted to present your brand to your target audience in an effective way.

Designing the brand

Brand design services iconThe profile you create by defining your brand allows you to consider how your brand’s ‘character’ should interact with your target audience. From this you can create a strategy to get your message into the mind of your customers and potential customers. It is this process which really constitutes a brand – the image of your organisation that other people hold in their minds.

At this stage we create:

  • The logo
  • Strap line or slogan
  • A corporate colour palette
  • Typefaces (are your fonts up to date? What do they convey?)
  • Your brand guidelines document (an internal guide to how the brand should be used in a consistent and effective way)

Graphic design & production of brand assets

Production of brand assets iconThe final step of our branding service is the materialisation of your brand.  We can create a full set of branded items for your organisation, such as:

  • Stationery, brochures and branding for products
  • Websites, PDF documents, infographics
  • Social media livery (profile graphics)
  • Different file formats of the logo  (for web, email and print)

We have developed and modernised brands for many clients through rebranding exercises.   If you are interested in what these products and services could do for your brand we invite you to get in touch today.

Examples of our branding work

Delta deaf education charity logo and homepage

Delta Deaf Education came to us with an outdated brand and website. We helped them by modernising the brand and completely rebuilding and re-styling their website.

Branding services, new logo and website for Westminster sixth form partnership

Westminster sixth form partnership are a long term client of ours.  When they decided it was time to update both the website and their brand, we helped them to create a brand that works both for parents and students, is modern, clear, clean and stylish, and a new website that portrays their brand.

Branding services, the new logo for Rica, consumer research charity for older and disabled people

Rica (research for disabled and elderly consumers) came to us to design and develop their new website, and since they had recently rebranded with a new abbreviated name, commissioned us to re-design their logo as well.

Whether you are looking to re-develop an existing brand or create a new one, we’d love to help.  Contact us below to find out more.