Beating Bowel Cancer- Mapping the Way to Awareness

The Challenge

Our relationship with Beating Bowel Cancer began just after their site had just been re-designed and developed.  There were many issues with the new site, especially around the degree of control they had over the site content.  They felt that their online presence wasn´t doing them justice, they needed a more flexible site that could be altered and updated constantly.  When we got involved we realised it wasn´t just the flexibility that was missing, the navigation and design also left something to be desired.  After discussing our options we decided to build a new site from the ground up.

We have been working together ever since, going on 9 years now.  Since the first site launch, there have been countless new projects and site versions, in order to grow with the organisation and meet its ever changing needs.  One of the most challenging and innovative projects we undertook was creating an interactive “Bowel Cancer Statistics by Boroughs and Jurisdiction” map, that pulled data from four separate systems.  This map was presented before the House of Parliament to get MPs to raise awareness of bowel cancer mortality rates in their local constituency and used to create awareness on a local and national scale.

The Solution

We began with a complete redesign and restructuring of the site along with implementation of a new content management system (CMS).  Focusing on the online community which would be using the site, we created an improved user journey which would engage more fundraising activity and further promote related content around the site.  We also:

  • Improved the website’s search engine footprint (SEO)
  • Created a layout which would provide quick, easy access and high quality content to patients and carers
  • Engaged users more effectively by further promoting related content around the site
  • Integrated the site with social media
  • Introduced more jquery elements and accessibility features
  • Improved the donation funnel and added functionality associated with fundraising for better website conversions

Since then we have built and developed various innovative digital tools to aid the organisation in online service delivery and campaigning (such as the Bowel Cancer Forum).

Today, in addition to the regular donation options, the website includes an ecommerce platform allowing users to purchase clothing and gifts from the online shop, an option to send charity e-cards, and a section directing users to the organisation’s partnership with eBay, where it is possible to choose the organisation as a “favourite charity”, thus supporting their work each time a product is purchased or sold on eBay.

The Results

The new site’s performance greatly exceeded the previous site, with visits to the fundraising page increasing seven-fold.

Here are the new site statistics, compared to the previous site:

  • Visits to the site have increased by 99%
  • Unique visitors increased by 87%
  • Forum visitors have increased by 57%
  • Visits to the fundraising page are up by 735%
  • Search engine referrals have gone up by 119%

In the same year as our first site launch together, Beating Bowel Cancer ranked 15th out of 300 charities by the Third Sector “Charity Web Check”, the same as both the RSPCA and Oxfam, two charities with a far larger budget.

Our close collaboration with the charity in the creation of a Bowel Cancer map received an impressive 5,600 visits on the day the map was launched. The map was presented at the Houses of Parliament in an effort to get MPs to raise awareness of bowel cancer in their local constituency.

“Pedalo delivered exactly on the objectives that we set” – Mark Chandler, Director of Marketing & Fundraising

Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK and Beating Bowel Cancer is a leading charity who works tirelessly to raise awareness of its prevalence. Whether they are supporting patients, families or professionals or raising their concerns with MPs, the team is always working towards improving bowel cancer outcomes.

Project Highlights

  • Complete site redesign and development

  • Improvements in digital fundraising

  • Creating an interactive Bowel Cancer map which was presented at the Houses of Parliament

  • Community development

  • Ongoing strategic input