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We created two visually-appealing charity web design solutions to help WCRF share their cancer research information in an accessible and compelling way.

Firstly, we created a bespoke sub-site within the WCRF website to display the charity’s expert report to scientists and health professionals. Our WordPress web developers designed new templates to give content a fresh, modern feel, and created a navigation and structure which displays the information in different ways so people can explore according to their area of interest – either cancer causes, cancer types or WCRF’s cancer prevention recommendations. The full PDF report, as well as individual chapters and toolkits of relevant data and graphics, can also be downloaded.

Secondly, to educate the public about cancer risk, we created an interactive Cancer Health Check tool. It enables people to input personal data about their diet, physical activity and other factors to find out exactly how their lifestyle choices affect their cancer risk. Users can view their results online or in an email. They are encouraged to sign up to an email newsletter, to prolong the relationship between the charity and the user, and to help people keep health lifestyle choices at the forefront of their minds.

The innovative and personalised Cancer Health Check tool was designed using interactive wireframes and is available in three versions (US, UK and the Netherlands) with regionally-specific languages and measurements. It also allows WCRF to collect anonymous data, which deepens the charity’s knowledge of its audience and global cancer risks.