Caribbean’s Great War- Making Digital History

A Project in Focus: Preserving a Piece of History

The Caribbean’s Great War is a Heritage Lottery funded project to highlight the involvement of the Caribbean and her people in the First World War. The Caribbean’s Great War website documents and preserves records depicting the Caribbean’s role in WWI. In preparation for this incredible web project, thousands of photographs and archives were meticulously collected and digitised to provide a rare insight into the Caribbean’s involvement in the war.  The site tells the history of 16,000 volunteers who served in the British West Indies Regiment and were located in all theatres of the war. Much of what is now available online has not been seen for a century.

The New Website Includes:

  • An interactive map pinpointing the locations of Caribbean involvement in the war and allowing users to discover further information for each location.
  • A gallery of photographs, documents and poems from the period
  • A records archive
  • Articles on specific topics related to the Caribbean’s involvement in the war
  • Educational downloads and teaching aids

The website was built with the wealth of curated information in mind.  It is optimised to showcase the multitude of content in all the different formats in a user-friendly way.  It features an optimal user journey, allowing users to easily access and browse through the photographs and records.  The website is likely to be used as an educational tool.

“Working with Pedalo has been fantastic. The company has allowed our 280 year old Committee to transform and share our heritage with the world while helping us build a modern and entertaining site that can appeal to a wide audience.” – Andreas Persson, Project Manager at The West India Committee

Project Highlights

  • An interactive map pinpointing the locations of Caribbean involvement in the war

  • Optimised layout and navigation structure

  • Embedded scroll and search optimisation tools

  • Responsive design