The Fostering Network – Optimising Membership Features

The Challenge

The Fostering Network came to us with a dated site that wasn’t allowing them much flexibility. They wanted to provide more value behind their membership offer, and include greater personalisation of the member access zone. They also requested a new design which would better showcase their work, recruit members and enable online fundraising.

The Solution

After understanding the organisation’s needs and deciding on the digital strategy, we created a new Drupal website that allows for maximum personalisation of the member zone, with differential data display options based on user types (such as logged-in member / non-member) and optimisation to increase overall user engagement.

The site presents personalised data for each user, based on their preferences and previous site usage. We implemented a solution similar to Google and Amazon’s, whereby the website ‘learns’ the user’s preferences and displays information accordingly. Visitors to the site can assist the website in learning their preference by indicating their fields of interest, but over time the website will display increasingly relevant information based on their past activity as well.

Since one of the important points for The Fostering Network was to create a site that would be more engaging for members, we designed a user journey with this end in mind. Similar types of content now show up as suggestions for what to read next, such that users can find a seamless stream of interesting and relevant information. This creates an endless loop of engaging and personalised content for the visitor to lose themselves in.

The Fostering Network published a prestigious printed magazine and we were keen on giving it the attention it deserves online as well. We replaced the PDF download version with a  fully digital, glossy, customised version of the magazine, where you can even turn the pages! The full publication is open only to members who are logged in, but visitors to the site can view snippets and enjoy the media library version.

The Results

The new site has shown some very positive improvements in performance:

  • Purchases of membership up by 58%
  • Purchase completions up by 32%
  • Traffic to login page up by 38%
  • Average page load time down by 45%

We are also continuing to work with The Fostering Network, providing ongoing maintenance, management and support to keep their website fresh, up-to-date and functioning optimally.

The Fostering Network is delighted with the new look and functionality of our website. Every month thousands of people – many of whom are first time visitors – come to our site to find out more about our work transforming the lives of fostered children, and it’s vital that they have a positive user experience and can navigate their way around the site easily. That’s why the new structure of our site is so important and is proving to be so effective.
– Daniel Sinclair, Comms Manager

Services provided for The Fostering Network

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The Fostering Network is the UK’s leading fostering charity, dedicated to creating a better future for children in foster care and for fostering families. It brings together and supports everyone who is involved in the lives of the children and young people who are fostered, including fostering families and the services that work with them.

Project Highlights

  • A new user journey designed to engage

  • Personalisation of content based on preferences and previous site usage

  • Virtual glossy magazine with real pages you can flip though