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The advantages of hosting your WordPress site with Pedalo

Discover why hosting your WordPress website with Pedalo makes great sense

Why is GDPR legislation important for you, your site and your users?

GDPR legislation ensures that organisations have to protect a user's private data. We explain why this is important to you and your site

What are the advantages of using WordPresss for your site build?

WordPress is easy-to-use, customisable, SEO-friendly, and scalable - find out why you should use it ...

WordPress security and why it’s so important

It's important to make sure your site is secure and protected, but it doesn't need to be a chore

Ensuring WordPress sites are up to date with the latest core and plugin upgrades

We take away the effort of keeping WordPress updated, allowing clients to focus on creating great content

SEO experiment: does webpage text position influence keyword rankings?

Our original research to test whether text position affects Google rankings

WordPress website launch checklist

A handy 10-point checklist to get your new WordPress website off to the best start

improve your WordPress bounce rate

Tips to help users stay on your WordPress site

design the perfect WordPress 404 page: 5 top tips

How to craft a 404 error message that will keep users on your site

how to find & remove broken links in WordPress

Learn how to reduce the number of frustrating 404 error messages on your WordPress site

WordPress website maintenance checklist

The 10 most important tasks to perform regularly on your WordPress site

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