Clinical Skills – Providing technical innovation for growth

The challenge

Clinical Skills provides audiovisual resources to subscribers through an online learning management system. Their learning materials were highly regarded, but they were finding that scalability was being hampered by front-facing systems and the capabilities of their existing website providers. They were interested in what Pedalo could offer in terms of technical innovation, and enhancing their platform to enable them to sell additional subscriptions.

The solution

We started with a thorough review of existing systems and processes, evaluating these to assess if they were in line with Clinical Skills’ short-, mid- and long-term strategic goals. The review highlighted some fundamental barriers to progression and a consensus was reached that the systems were not fit for purpose. Following this, we agreed to design a new technical framework, ensuring Clinical Skills’ core functionality and data assets were retained whilst building a new platform to allow for greater future adaptability, enhanced interoperability, and high-quality front-end user interfaces.

The result

The new website has enabled Clinical Skills both to enhance customer experience and also to leverage their system to provide new services and build stronger relationships with clients. Some of the key outputs of our work with Clinical Skills are:

  • Improved administrative interfaces, better work flows and reduced resource requirements
  • A greatly improved user experience, with enhanced tooling for customers
  • Fully automated online purchasing and transaction tracking
  • The development of new products, enabling Clinical Skills to penetrate areas of the market that were previously out of reach
  • Lower cost of ownership due to an enhanced administrative toolset, platform consolidation, and use of open source technologies to reduce license overheads
  • Increased interoperability with other systems, enabling features such as Single Sign On, content sharing and data provision to external partners

Find out more about how Clinical Skills’ website redesign has enabled them to work successfully with Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen
University Hospitals in this PDF: How-RLBUHT-is-using-Clinical-Skills

We are now continuing to work with Clinical Skills as their technology partners and business consultants, providing ongoing insight and service.

Services provided for Clinical Skills

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Clinical Skills provides a subscription-based training platform to support UK universities and NHS trusts with clinical skills teaching. Its aim is to help NHS staff and students put best practice into practice.

Project Highlights

  • Greatly improved administrative and front-end interfaces

  • Increased interoperability with other systems

  • New product development, enabling Clinical Skills to reach new markets