Card Sorting

ux icons card sortingWhat is card sorting?

Card sorting is a user experience research technique which gets users involved in the organisation and design of the navigation for your site. Optimising your website structure in this way helps users find what they’re looking for more quickly and efficiently, improving the user journey and delivering more traffic to key areas of the site.

The key benefits of card sorting

  • Build a better structure for your site
  • Decide what key messages should be on your homepage
  • Increase conversions
  • Generate ideas and stakeholder alignment
  • Identify content gaps
  • Build an initial sitemap solution
  • Eliminate redundant content

What will you discover?

This technique identifies how your content all fits together based around user expectations of how the pages should be grouped and linked to each other.

How is it done?

Card sorting involves asking users to organise a deck of cards, each labelled with a different category or content object, into groups. This grouping exercise allows us to understand how users expect things to be grouped, why they feel they should be grouped together, and how they would label that group. We also looks for participants’ agreements and disagreements for further insights.

Get in touch to find out how a card sorting exercise could help you structure your site and content more effectively.

User Experience Card Sorting
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User Experience Card Sorting
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