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Our award-winning web design combines stunning graphics, typography and colour with innovative technology to ensure your business gets noticed online.

Beautiful web design isn’t just about looks. As well as providing an attractive, professional and engaging public interface, you need to ensure efficiency, integration and functionality behind the scenes to maximise results.

With our Drupal and WordPress expertise and more than two decades of experience, we can create the perfect website for your organisation – and ensure it’s beautiful both inside and out.

Whether you want to update and invigorate your existing site or produce an entirely new design, we’ll use our wide-ranging knowledge and expert vision to craft the right solution. We’ll collaborate with you to understand both your company objectives and your target audience’s requirements, enabling us to design a smart, forward-looking website that will effortlessly achieve your digital goals.

Combined with our range of other services, including SEO, user experience, content marketing, video production and media buying, we can not only build you a brilliant website but also ensure your message reaches your target audiences. From e-commerce to responsive design and brochure websites to conversion rate optimisation, we have the technical and creative expertise to help you stay ahead in today’s challenging technological world.

“We are very happy with the new website that Pedalo created for us; it looks fresh, modern and engaging and has given us the flexible, responsive platform we needed to launch and develop our brand. Thanks to the Pedalo team for their hard work!”

Katherine Lee
Joint Managing Director

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