Customer Journey Mapping

ux service customer journey mapping ux services i c ons cu -journey-mappingWhat are customer journeys?

A user or customer journey is usually a diagrammatic interpretation of the typical user’s flow through a website or application. It will spell out the crucial decision and touch points of the relationship with an organisation, service or product. They are used to help explore and explain the different steps that users will go through on your site to achieve an end goal.

The benefits of customer journey mapping

  • Allows for an evaluation of an existing system prior to design
  • Good communication tool to validate ideas
  • Looks at how the system can be optimised
  • Identifies content and functional gaps
  • Helps clients rethink their approach on a more strategic level

How is it done?

We start the process of designing a user journey by researching your organisation and your user personas to identify the key user and business goals. We also consider any functional requirements. This allows us to work through various scenarios from the user’s viewpoint.

Our customer journey design focuses primarily on the following:

  • Journey optimisation
  • A clear understanding of the users’ goals and needs
  • Maximising business results

What will you discover?

User journeys give us the opportunity to identify gaps on your site or application from the very beginning, pinpointing any areas that are interfering with the user completing their ideal journey. In most cases user journeys are validated, documented and included in a report, which explains our findings and may give recommendations for potential changes of approach.

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