Stakeholder Engagement Workshops

services icons stakeholder-workshops, services icons ux auditWhat is a stakeholder engagement workshop?

A UX stakeholder engagement workshop is a meeting or a series of meetings where research methods are employed to collect information and generate ideas for improving how your site operates. At Pedalo we conduct different types of workshops according to the time and budget available. The key to all of our workshops is that your stakeholders are always at the heart of the discussion.

The benefits of stakeholder engagement workshops

  • Help build a picture of your business and user needs
  • Collect information in a single day that can otherwise take weeks or months to gather
  • Allow stakeholders to collaborate on a solution
  • Generate ideas and stakeholder alignment

How is it done?

In most cases we visit our clients to conduct the session. The workshop is run with multiple stakeholders and the information collected is then analysed to produce insights.

What will you find out?

The workshop will help identify difficulties, challenges and opportunities, from which we can suggest areas which can be improved. Through this, we will reach deeper mutual understanding of the key issues concerning the success of your project.

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