UX Audit

services icons ux auditWhat is a ux audit?

A UX audit or ‘expert review’ is simply an evaluation of common important tasks such as registration sign-up or completing a checkout process, based on a set of usability guidelines. This is a relatively inexpensive method for understanding an existing website’s key user interface design issues. The aim is to highlight areas where the user journey can be improved to deliver increases in conversion goals.

The benefits of a UX audit

  • A cost-effective method for understanding usability issues
  • Helps identify quick wins as well as long-term improvements
  • Ensures all the main aspects of your website are reviewed and tested
  • Highlights issues with your site that you may not be aware of
  • Finds problems that can be fixed to improve the quality of the site

How is it done?

We begin the process by reviewing your site, combining a heuristic (practical) evaluation approach and cognitive walk-through. Essentially, our UX expert will test the site by completing the most important user tasks on the site, evaluating the journey as they go.

As a part of our optimisation process, we’ll focus primarily on answering the following questions:

  • How well and how quickly can key tasks be completed on your site?
  • Are commonly used navigation principles adequately applied?
  • Is the structure of the application or site understandable?
  • Are help and error messages clear?

What will you discover?

The outcome of the expert review will help you identify the key areas which can be improved. The report identifies usability issues and gives specific expert recommendations for improvement. We can also include developed interactive wireframe solutions for our recommendations.

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