Wireframe Design

ux services icons wireframe designWhat is Wireframing?

Wireframes are prototype web designs and act like an engineer’s blueprint or architect’s drawings. During the development of a site, wireframe design allow us to test ideas, learn, and improve. They are created early in the project, when changes are relatively inexpensive and quick to deploy.

The benefits of wireframe design

  • Allows us to explore and test designs
  • Helps you think about your approach on a strategic level
  • A good communication tool to validate and demonstrate ideas
  • Enables you to see what site will look like and get a feel for how it’s structured

What you will discover?

You’ll be able to get a quick overview and visual understanding of how other content and functionality are presented.

How is it done?

We create wireframes in some form every time we work on a design project. Before we start wireframing we consider all the information we’ve gathered from any UX research, and also in terms of our understanding your organisation’s goals and needs.

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