Responsive & Mobile Web Design


Back in 2016, mobile web browsing overtook desktop browsing for the first time. With internet use on smartphones and tablets increasing year on year and search engines favouring mobile device-friendly websites, ensuring you have responsive or mobile web design is more crucial than ever.

For ecommerce and other businesses, having a mobile site has been proven to improve sales and increase conversions. For charities and not-for-profits, a mobile site has also been shown to benefit fundraising, allowing users to donate with ease from any location and at any time.

There are different ways of creating a mobile site, and the path you choose will depend on the nature of your existing site and your business goals. Our agency works hard to understand the unique needs of every client and find the best possible solution for your specific requirements.

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We offer:

  • Bespoke design that not only looks great but delivers fantastic results
  • Expert knowledge of Drupal and WordPress
  • Integration with other systems such as databases and payment platforms to maximise efficiency
  • Effective branding that translates across platforms
  • Expert understanding of user experience so we can ensure your site really appeals to audiences
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Accessible design so your website can be accessed by users with different needs
  • Maintenance, management and support for your website over the long-term
  • 17 years of experience so we don’t make the silly mistakes that some agencies do
  • A collaborative service where we work hard to understand and meet your unique requirements
  • A recommended, high-quality and reliable service with a portfolio of clients and case studies to prove it

Find out how we transformed Care International’s fundraising efforts with a fresh new mobile web design:

Care International responsive mobile web design | Pedalo web design London

Visit our portfolio for more examples of our work or please get in touch to find out how we can help you with a new responsive or mobile design.